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Sofia & Peter

Venice, Italy

1st Place Award, Shape n' Light

Sofia and Peter's beautiful wedding in Venice was one of the highlights of last year and there is no doubt that it went viral around the web and social media. Living in Greece, Peter and Sofia decided to have a beautiful destination day after in Venice. We traveled for a few days to create fascinating images.

If we had to describe this couple in one word, that would be Friends. We spent our time talking, smiling, taking pictures and having fun. We will remember together every single day in Venice and their images will decorate our houses.


Thank you.

petros sofia 2 award
Sequence 02.Still003
Sequence 02.Still004
Sequence 02.Still005
Sequence 02.Still064
Sequence 02.Still034
Sequence 02.Still035
Sequence 02.Still036
Sequence 02.Still033
Sequence 02.Still065
Sequence 02.Still067
Sequence 02.Still069
Sequence 02.Still006
Sequence 02.Still066
Sequence 02.Still053
Sequence 02.Still055
Sequence 02.Still054
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Sequence 02.Still057
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