Sofia & Peter

Venice, Italy

1st Place Award, Shape n' Light

Sofia and Peter's beautiful wedding in Venice was one of the highlights of last year and there is no doubt that it went viral around the web and social media. Living in Greece, Peter and Sofia decided to have a beautiful destination day after in Venice. We traveled for a few days to create fascinating images.

If we had to describe this couple in one word, that would be Friends. We spent our time talking, smiling, taking pictures and having fun. We will remember together every single day in Venice and their images will decorate our houses.


Thank You.

Demeter & Demetrius

Tuscany, Italy

2nd Place Award, Shape n' Light

Demeter and Demetrius are a unique couple, as unique is the city of Tuscany which they chose.The destination highlighted their bond and love for each other.


The whole process of making their film will always be remarkable for the amazing moments and places we visited and captured together.

Thank You.


These are some of the best moments from weddings in our beautiful Greece, in Italy and more places. We're so grateful and we're looking forward for more to come.


Thank you all.


Aegina, Greece

1st Place Awarded, Image and Tech expo

A wonderful christening in Aegina, Greece. We want to create a fascinating film for this beautiful couple with his beautiful angel. That film give us the first place in one of biggest competition in Greece.

Image and Tech 1st Place.

Thank you. 

Eirini & Nikos

 Karpenisi, Greece

2nd Place Awarded, WPV Convention

A beautiful wedding in Karpenisi, Greece. One of the best moments in our carrier. It was a pleasure to be there and make a wonderful film with one of the most beautiful couple. It was a honor to meet this couple and spend great time at beautiful Karpenisi. So this superb wedding give us the second place in one of biggest competition in Greece.
WPV Convention, 2nd Place.

Thank you


Athens, Greece

Awarded in Inspiration Photographers

​Yorgos' christening took place at the centre of Athens in a beautiful summer day. In Zappeio Garden he takes his walks  with his beloved parents, so there we did the after day shooting. Their happiness and love between them is truly remarkable. This film is dedicated to capture the warmth of their hearts...


Thank you. 

Think in Black

Fashion  Editorial

Fashion Editorial Video for

Celebrity Skin - Dimitris Strepkos


Thank you. 

Think Global School

TGS Graduation  // Florence, Italy

With love in their hearts, the third global graduating class of 2016 threw the laurels off their head and the sound of celebration came ricocheting off of 13 vocal chords as 13 graduates embraced each other and the future.

Thank you. 

AMSCopper Project

EU Seventh Research Frame Program (FP7)

AMSCopper is a project within the EU Seventh Research Frame Program (FP7) in the area of Research for the benefit of SMEs. The main objective of this two-year project was to develop a solution against diseases transmission through metallic objects, by the use of innovative copper based coatings with photo-catalytic anti-microbial and self-cleaning activity. AMSCopper's solution to this problem is designed to decrease the risk of infection via metallic surfaces by more than 50%.

Thank you.


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